Oops bad blogger.

Oops so much for a regular Blog.
Last time I was here was April 2017. The summer show season started and then everything got a little bit mad.
Autumn came which is full of late shows and Sheep sales.
We bought some new Swaledale Sheep for photography reasons and also for breeding with a couple of young Bluefaced Leicesters tup lambs that we have kept to sell as shearlings.
Usually because these Sheep spend most of their lives in the Yorkshire Dales on the hills they tend not to be very friendly. Well within a week they were eating out of my hand and acting like film stars.
Hence the one on the right of the picture is now called Star and the other is called Scrumpy.

The website sales kept me busy up to Christmas and before I knew it 2018 was here and we had one of the wettest winters ever which didn't help with my photography or in fact my creativeness.
Everywhere has been grey and wet and muddy, so much so we housed the Sheep at the end of January and they stayed inside for the next 3 months.
With snow in February and March we and them were very glad they were inside. But I did manage to get some new images for Christmas cards.
Later than normal we eventually started lambing late March and had a relatively easy time compared to many.
The Bluefaced Leicesters had too many sets of triplets which require extra bottle feeding to top them up and the first 2 Swaledales that lambed had triplets too so we ended up with 2 pet lambs that lived in the house for the first 10days. Twinkle and Tupence.
But the good thing about pet lambs is that they are always happy to participate in photography and I love nothing better than spending time with them. Even our dog was happy to play mainly because she thought that the flat cap was a frisbee.

Nearly through April and eventually the grass has started growing albeit slowly and we manage to get a few days of better weather. The Sheep finally make it outside so I plan a few more photoshoots.


Time is running out. I need new cards printing for the start of the show season and need another 2 designs to make up the print run.
In not the greatest conditions and a bit of re-organizing we seize the moment and get another image finished with the help of Bella the wall eyed collie and Tupence the pet lamb.

One more to do and this is a big one that I have been planning for a while.
For now I shall just share the image but it deserves a blog all to itself, hopefully very soon and not another year down the line.

Be back soon 😁


  1. As usual your pictures are wonderful Anthea. I am settling into my bungalow
    having been here six months now, but am still finding it hard going without him.
    Hope your business is going well. Judging by your photographs it ought to be.
    I will give you a mention in my blog today.

  2. Enjoyed your entertaining blog post and the great photos. Will keep checking back for more fun news from your farm.

    1. Thank you I will be doing more very soon.


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