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Watch the birdie

Welcome to my very first blog. That wasn't as easy as I had expected to get started but hopefully I am here now.
What I want to do on the blog page is show you how the Kitchy & Co images come about.
From the initial idea and setting up of a shot through to the capturing and photo editing.
And of course introduce you to some of our Kitchy & Co stars.

Lets start with our latest image. Open Gardens.

Over the last few years I have concentrated on photographing mainly farm animals and dogs, that is where I am most comfortable. So when it was suggested that I should try photographing some wild birds but still with my Kitchy & Co humor it took a little time to come up with some new ideas.
The biggest challenge has been scale. They are just so very small.
Any props need to be considered carefully so as not to over power the scene, the main focus needs to be on the birds so what is in the rest of shot is very limited and it is very easy to over do it.
I have tried many differen…

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