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Pigs and pumpkins

Apart from the Christmas cards I don't normally do seasonal photos, but after meeting 2 very willing pigs earlier in the year and with pumpkins available in nearly every shop I thought we would give it a try.
Halloween is popular in the UK but in America apparently it is a bigger event than Christmas.

Pumpkins were purchased from our local Farmshop and with the choice of colours and sizes I was
like a kid in a sweet shop trying to decide what to pick.
I went for the traditional big orange Jack o lantern pumpkins x3
A lovely silvery white Ghost pumpkin x1
Some small green very hard ones x2
and a mixture of striped orange and white.

It was only when I got them all home did I realize I have never actually carved a pumpkin before ! When we were small we had to carve turnips or even potaotes, never a pumpkin. Thankfully I have some wood carving tools which made the process much easier and I went for the freehand option rather than trying to draw it on first. I also decided not to cut …

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